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Aquarelle Guitar Quartet "Quiccan"

Publicerad 2011-10-27 av AGQVideo
Längd: 06:42, 69498 spelningar, 440 likes

"Quiccan" by Andrew York

Recorded Live over 2 performances given in Manchester - March 2011.

Aquarelle Guitar Quartet - Mike Baker, Vasilis Bessas, James Jervis, Rory Russell.

For more info please visit:

The quartet play Hannabach strings

40 FINGERS - Antonio Vivaldi - Estate / Storm (Official Video)

Publicerad 2019-06-04 av 40 Fingers
Längd: 03:37, 2252123 spelningar, 63964 likes Presto (Storm) from Vivaldi's Estate (Summer) - the Four Seasons Original music by Antonio Vivaldi, arranged by Andrea Vittori and Emanuele Grafitti. Played by 40 Fingers (Matteo Brenci - Emanuele Grafitti - Marco Steff - Andrea Vittori). Follow @40fingersguitarquartet on Facebook and Instagram Listen to our album on Spotify: Buy on iTunes: For booking and information: Contact us: Directed by Giulio Ladini @giulio.c.ladini Video Editing by Matteo Brenci Drone Shots by Simone Campobasso Audio Production by Matteo Brenci Mixed and Mastered by Davide Rizzatti 40 FINGERS : Matteo Brenci Emanuele Grafitti Enrico Maria Milanesi Andrea Vittori

Los Angeles Guitar Quartet plays Manuel de Falla at CPR Classical

Publicerad 2017-06-12 av CPR Classical
Längd: 05:52, 6805 spelningar, 70 likes

CPR Classical hosts Los Angeles Guitar Quartet in the CPR Performance Studio on October 20, 2016.

Manuel de Falla

Cancin del Fuego Fatuo
Danza Ritual del Fuego

L.A. Guitar Quartet
John Dearman
Matthew Greif
William Kanengiser
Scott Tennant

Farewell, by Sergio Assad

Publicerad 2011-04-26 av forthepeopleofjapan
Längd: 03:02, 131519 spelningar, 1581 likes

「Farewell」は、Sergio Assadによって90年代の日本映画のために作曲された曲で、愛する人を失った後の苦しみを表現しています。 演奏:Sergio & Odair Assad The piece Farewell was composed by Sergio Assad for a Japanese film in the 90's and reflects the suffering after the loss of a loved one. Performed by Sergio & Odair Assad

Tico Tico no Fub - Duo Siqueira Lima - 4 Hands

Publicerad 2016-12-21 av GuitarCoop
Längd: 03:01, 5193094 spelningar, 134372 likes

Tico-Tico no Fub, Zequinha de Abreu, Duo Siqueira Lima playing in a 4 hands classical guitar!

Produced by GuitarCoop
Interviewer - Paulo Martelli
Images | Editing: Eduardo Sardinha
Sound Engineering: Ricardo Marui
Sound Assistant: Henrique Caldas
Musical Producer: Thiago Abdalla
Production Assistants: Lilah Kuhn | Maria Cajas
Translator: David G. Molina
Location: Unibes Cultural - So Paulo - SP
Date: June/2016

The Art of Duo Siqueira Lima


Thunderstruck (AC/DC) - International Guitar Night/Nacht der Gitarren

Publicerad 2018-10-24 av Luca Stricagnoli
Längd: 04:40, 1110774 spelningar, 47262 likes

INTERNATIONAL GUITAR NIGHT Each year, International Guitar Night’s founder Brian Gore invites a new cast of guitar luminaries from around the world for special concert tours of North America (IGN) and Germany (NDG) highlighting the diversity of the acoustic guitar. For International Guitar Night’s 19th year of touring, Brian has assembled another incredible, dynamic quartet: Guest host Luca Stricagnoli, Italy’s explosive contemporary showman, returns by popular demand, joined by two of France’s acclaimed young prodigies, Swing guitarist Antoine Boyer and Flamenco guitarist Samuelito, and the ground-breaking Turkish fretless guitarist Cenk Erdoğan. In this video, they perform their arrangement of “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC. In the video, from left to right: Cenk Erdogan, Luca Stricagnoli, Antoine Boyer, Samuelito. More info on FOLLOW US ON YOUTUBE Luca: Antoine: Samuelito: Cenk: FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: Luca: Antoine: Samuelito: Cenk: FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK: Luca: Antoine: Samuelito: Cenk: OUR WEBSITES: Luca: Antoine: Samuelito: Cenk: CONTACTS: Luca: Antoine: Samuelito: Cenk: VIDEO BY MEG PFEIFFER: Facebook: Instagram YouTube: Contact: RECORDED AND MIXED BY: Proton Studio: SHOT AT: Dein Mietstudio:

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